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Major media look to us as a reliable source of legal insight. We take pride in our international reputation and we work hard to deserve it. Our China Law Blog is one of the most-read English language law blogs in the world and is consistently cited as one of the most influential. Visit any of our HM Blogs or go to our News page to view our latest articles, posts, and interviews.

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  • Preston Bailey
  • Blistex
  • T-Mobile
  • Steve Clayton
  • American Independent Line
  • World Fuel Services
  • Aviamarket
  • Zillow
  • Quality Schools International
  • Hensim Motorcycle
  • CampusCE
  • Jensen's Smokehouse
  • Valve Software
  • Vantage Seafoods
  • Metal Blade Records
  • Most Construction
  • FDA Imports
  • Yukon Delta Fisheries Association
  • Dockside Co-op

Harris Moure has earned international recognition for providing effective legal solutions whenever and wherever our clients need us. Grounded in a comprehensive understanding of each client’s unique profile, Harris Moure brings a tailored approach to every case. Our smarter strategy and deep experience give our clients a critical advantage when it comes to shaping and achieving their goals, both domestically and abroad. Spanning a wide range of industries, countries, and budgets, our clients and their long-term objectives always come first. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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You need a legal team with experience. You also want one as fearless and doggedly persistent as you. Harris Moure has both: we can take on the tough matters because we’ve been there before—and we’ve gotten the job done.

Today’s rapidly changing global market drives us to think creatively. Harris Moure lawyers have the tools to navigate what can often be choppy legal waters. We excel in uncharted territory and we welcome a challenge. But most of all, for our clients, we love to win.