Mathew Alderson, Attorney

Balancing international expectations and local realities.

Described as a “game-changing attorney” by Variety Magazine, Mathew leads our China media and entertainment practice from Beijing. He represents major Hollywood studios, producers and agencies as well as other interests operating internationally in creative industries. His clients also include promoters and event management companies, architectural firms, universities, publishers, fashion designers and cosmetics brands.

Mathew’s clients typically come from Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Beijing or Shanghai, or have substantial operations in those places. Mathew has had an office in Beijing since 2004, and moved there in 2009 to participate more directly in the opportunities offered by the city’s burgeoning media and entertainment industries. Mathew has served as Co-Chair of AmCham China’s Media & Entertainment Forum since 2010 and is a regular contributor to AmCham’s Annual China White Paper.

Qualified in New South Wales, Australia, Mathew enjoys the excitement and challenges of living and working in China’s political and cultural center. He was born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia.

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